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The Power of a Common Dream

A profound dream began to take shape within me during my teenage years. At the age of 15, I decided to become a doctor, dedicating my life to helping others live as healthily and productively as possible. A year later, at 16, I became a Christian, and the idea of combining excellent medical practice with the resources of heaven thrilled me beyond measure.

By the time I started medical school, this excitement had transformed into a passionate life dream, driving me to explore ways to make this happen. Throughout my medical career, I witnessed God working through me. He enabled me to foster atmospheres of peace, hope, and joy, even in the most challenging circumstances. Alongside this, I witnessed God perform healing miracles that complemented the medical care available.

Creative wisdom, encouragement, miracles, and discernment flowing through the Holy Spirit in Christians’ lives—this is the true potential of Christianity. Imagine the impact if every Christian in healthcare embraced this vision.

This is the essence of Heaven in Healthcare: the power of a shared dream that heavenly resources can complement health provision and make a tangible difference. We are beginning to see this vision become a reality as we equip and train Christians to reach their full potential, and we have many inspiring stories to share. It is an exciting journey, and we believe that healthcare provision in many nations will be enhanced as we move forward together bringing Heaven into Healthcare.
Pete Carter, Founder.

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