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Group Resources

Our heart at Heaven in Healthcare is that people around the world are equipped to bring heaven to earth within the realm of healthcare, whatever their role or location. With that in mind we want to equip and encourage small groups to form across the nations, gathering in homes, churches or healthcare settings to inspire each other, share stories and good news and seek God together.

So, we have put together a few resources which we hope will help existing groups, new groups and any other organisations with similar goals who want to look into the principles behind being God’s hands and feet in the healthcare realm.

So, you’ll find here the following items:

  1. A Guide for new leaders or new groups on how to set up a small gathering and what this might look like in practice.
  2. A set of seven videos entitled ‘How to Bring Heaven in Healthcare’: a conversational series where we discuss some of the foundational beliefs and values that will help to set you up as a healthcare worker to bring transformation.
  3. A set of discussion questions which can be used in combination with the seven video series as a ‘syllabus’ of sorts for small groups to use as a springboard for discussion.
  4. A set of seven transcripts which correspond to the video dialogue, allowing group leaders or members to access the video materials in written form and work through it on the page.

We hope that you will access these resources and make use of them within new or existing groups. Please do let us know how you get on at enquiries@heaveninhealthcare.com