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Welcome to Heaven in Healthcare!

Posted Tuesday 18 February 2020

We’re so excited about the way that God is moving in the arena of Healthcare, to see the way that He is stirring the hearts of so many health workers across many nations to bring the realities of Heaven into their areas of work and life itself.

We’re already hearing of many wonderful things such as Christians providing “wellbeing” training for hospital staff, volunteer hospital chaplains welcomed into A&E departments by staff who recognise the benefit of their presence in those pressurised environments, and a Christian hairdresser working in care homes for the elderly and seeing some breakthroughs with dementia.

The dream for Heaven in Healthcare started more than 20 years ago, when as a church leader who was also a practising GP, I first began to wonder what could be possible if the Kingdom could really be manifested within the health service. And it’s amazing to think what’s happening today. Christian healing is becoming more common and there are early signs of acceptance in some areas for this to be a recognised Complementary Therapy alongside conventional medicine.

There is also now a widespread recognition in the UK of the need for the voluntary sector to be included in the provision of healthcare and wellbeing. So opportunities are abundant.

Heaven in Healthcare exists to help any Christian who works in the area of health and well-being to be encouraged, connected and supported, inspired and equipped to bring Heaven into their personal workspace and area of influence. We will do this through the website, events and the development of local gatherings to bring more personal contact and support.

What will the outcomes be? Hopefully too many to predict at this stage, certainly more than we could ask or imagine. But how about these ideas for starters:

  • Christians feeling connected to and belonging to the community of Heaven in Healthcare bringing great hope for the future and faith growing to see God do great things.
  • Christian healing recognised as Complementary Therapy.
  • Atmospheres of Joy, Peace, Encouragement and Empowerment for staff to work in and patients/clients to benefit from.
  • Christian wisdom producing solutions to the problems we face and innovation for the future.
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit enhancing what we offer to each other and the world around us.
  • God-given dreams coming into reality.

A thought that might help you – imagine what it would be like if Jesus worked as a hospital porter. What do you think the outcomes would be? That’s Heaven in Healthcare.

We would love you to join this growing community and play your part in this great Mission!