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We hope that you’ve enjoyed the summer.

Posted Wednesday 16 September 2020

The Heaven in Healthcare team has been taking a bit of a break after a very busy January to July but there have still been things happening such as Joy Workshops with Sue Jameson, material on the Dream Revolution App, and Zoom connection opportunities. We are also continuing to produce video material.

As we enter into the Autumn term more activity will spring up, so we just wanted to say Hi, and also to direct you to some resources. We’ll send a more “chatty email” very soon.

If you haven’t already seen it, we would recommend you watch “Finding Freedom” on the Eastgate Plus YouTube channel. It is a conversation about this essential Christian topic between Bill Johnson with Pete and Kim Carter.

There is also a lot of great In Real Life conversations on the Heaven in Healthcare Facebook page dealing with real life topics.

Some good friends will be speaking at an online conference “Kingdom Healthcare” this Thursday and Friday 17th and 18th September. It is being broadcast from California so be mindful of any time difference for you.

We would once again recommend “No More Limits” a remarkable story about Patrick. We would suggest you share it with friends and colleagues, maybe at your church – it is a great conversation starter into the realm of Heaven in Healthcare. There is the Short Film testimony on the Eastgate Plus YouTube channel and accompanying that a conversation on the Heaven in Healthcare YouTube channel between 2 doctors and Patrick himself exploring the implications of Healthcare and Heaven working alongside each other.

We’ll be in touch again soon and we look forward to building with you this dimension of Heaven being expressed on earth.

Have a great week.

Heaven in Healthcare Team