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Wheelchair and crutches no longer needed!

Published on 26 February, 2020

Whilst discussing the management plan with a person who had debilitating foot pain – which included providing crutches to aid weightbearing – they explained that they had previously been a Hospital Chaplain. It further transpired that they lead the prayer/healing ministry team at my colleague’s church.

All of a sudden the management plan now included prayer.

We all shared stories of what we have seen the love and power of God do and as we did the presence of God filled the room.
My colleague and I prayed – the person and the companion who had come with them were physically overcome by Holy Spirit, which was unexpected!!

Feeling heat in their foot as the pain was leaving, the person was now able to walk unaided and their friend felt as though a heavy weight had lifted from them and looked visibly different.

My colleague and I were enthusiastically hugged and then watched as the now no longer needed, empty wheelchair, was pushed down the corridor.

This was a glorious Holy Spirit surprise, the love and power of God is so wonderful.

In the workplace as it is in Heaven!