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Unexpected healing

Published on 26 February, 2020

Recently a woman came to the Healing Centre who had been suffering with nasal congestion and ongoing issues with indigestion.

A member of the team had a very strong impression that the woman had a problem with her feet and that God was healing them in that moment. When asked, the woman stated that she had not come for her feet but that she had been diagnosed with plantar fasciitis some time ago. Later she explained that she had stopped asking for prayer for this issue.

The team member did not ‘pray’ for the woman’s feet to be healed but simply declared what God was already doing. The woman almost instantly described her feet as feeling ‘different’ and pain free.

At the Healing Centre we love to join in with what God is doing – releasing the realities of Heaven, the tangible love and power of God that changes and transforms lives.

The woman later commented that although she had given up on asking for prayer for her feet God clearly had not given up on her. She was very happy with this unexpected healing!