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The Power of His Love

Published on 26 February, 2020

I was halfway through a very busy shift one day when a colleague told me that her hip was causing her a lot of pain and was having difficulty walking. She has had problems with the hip for some time.

We have had conversations in the past about how you can hear God and experience His Presence. Reminding her of our conversations and how Jesus loves her, I decided to just sit next to her and let Jesus leak out of me. Describing what I was doing, I said “Imagine I am a jug and God’s love is just pouring out onto you.” She looked at me and simply replied. “Ok.”

After a short while my colleague suddenly exclaimed. “It’s gone! The pain has gone!” Her face was a picture of both surprise and relief as she was now able to get up and move freely and without pain.

Throughout the remainder of the shift and on our walk to the car park at the end of the day she kept remarking on what had happened and each time I had the opportunity to point her to Jesus as the source of the power that had caused her hip to be restored.