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Tangible Peace in Hospital!

Published on 26 February, 2020

Before walking around the hospital one night, myself and Lorimer from our team prayed and were drawn to some art work on the wall in the hospital cafe. It was a photo of something metallic which was catching the light. We were reminded that although it’s us who are physically present, its God who we want to be reflecting into the spaces we’d be walking into. We prayed that people would encounter God’s presence as we walked around.

A few minutes later, we were in EAU and had been told there was a young lady there who we could potentially speak with who had been admitted because of an overdose. The staff weren’t sure if we should see her as she was very agitated. I suggested that seeing us could help calm her down so a nurse went off to ask her if she’d like to speak with us. At the same time, another nurse was looking for Lorazepam to give her and couldn’t find any in the place it was meant to be. She was getting stressed because there was none to hand as they wanted to get it to her quickly. The nurse who had gone to ask the young person if she’d like to see us came back looking quite surprised and said that the girl had just fallen asleep… the nurse who was searching for the Lorazepam stopped looking!

Walking out of EAU I commented to Lorimer that this seemed like a real answer to prayer and we knew God’s peace had been at work as we’d stood there in the midst of the busyness.