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Supernaturally rapid wound healing

Published on 26 February, 2020

A lady from Church brought her Mother to the Minor Injury Unit, she had a large skin flap wound to her arm which took some time to treat. The lady was advised to see a Practice Nurse at the GP Surgery for follow up and ongoing care as this type of wound typically takes a number of weeks to heal, especially as her skin was particularly fragile. Before the lady and her daughter left I asked if she would like me to pray for her arm to get better, she said yes, I prayed a very short prayer and they left.

The daughter saw me recently and explained that her Mother went for the first of what was expected to be numerous appointments with the Practice Nurse around four days after her visit to the Minor Injury Unit. It was with great delight that the daughter explained how the Practice Nurse had told her Mother that ‘everything was fine’ and that she would not need to see her again.

When asked by her daughter if she thought that being prayed for had anything to do with the wound healing so rapidly she emphatically replied ‘oh yes, absolutely’.

Hearing this was such good news on so many levels, firstly for the lady herself to not have to go through weeks of treatment with the discomfort and inconvenience that something like this can bring and it was also very good news for the NHS and our stretched ‘health economy’.

This good news also brought such encouragement to the Mother, her daughter and myself as once again the love and power of God was released with such a wonderful outcome.

That day I did everything that I am trained and qualified to do and then we asked Dr Jesus to come and do what only He can do …

I like working with Dr Jesus