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Powerful Peace at Work

Published on 26 February, 2020

A hospital volunteer was experiencing complications following cataract surgery. Their vision was blurred and the eye was sore and persistently watering which was causing some concern.

I had the opportunity to tell them about a woman whose blurred vision cleared after being prayed for, as a result the volunteer was happy to receive prayer.

On seeing the volunteer today they described how after being prayed for all the anxiety and fear that they had been experiencing left and instead they felt great peace. From that moment on the eye started to improve, the vision cleared and the pain and excessive watering stopped.

We chatted a while and it became clear that what had most affected this person was the powerfully tangible sense of peace that they had experienced which, in their own words, had led to them deciding to ‘give the problem to God’

When we read of Jesus telling someone to ‘go in peace’ there is a dynamic to that invitation that can be easily missed. Peace is something to be entered into, it is a realm of His presence, an aspect of who He is. To ‘go in peace’ is to go into, to step into the wholeness, wellbeing, completeness and goodness of God.

Jesus is the Prince of peace. He came to destroy the works of the enemy, to destroy the one who established chaos, and now we get to carry on the family business.