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Music To His Ears

Published on 26 February, 2020

Recently a GP and her husband decided to visit the Healing Centre at Eastgate.

The husband had been off work with back pain/sciatica for about 6 weeks. Whilst the back issue was being prayed for he suddenly felt his right ear ‘pop’. Much to their surprise the hearing loss that he had suffered after repeated ear infections 8yrs ago was instantly restored.

The restoration of this man’s hearing was particularly timely as he is a composer and was just about to start on a new music project. Another twist to the tale is that this new project is with the same people he had been working with 8 years ago when he lost the hearing in the right ear!

The hearing loss was not what they had gone to the healing centre for but God had other ideas! Needless to say they were very excited and ‘thankful for this miracle’!