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Maybe ….

Published on 26 February, 2020

Having examined a persons thumb I was sure that they had a tendon injury, so convinced that this was the case we had a discussion about a specialist referral to a hospital some miles away.

On returning from X-ray, confirming there was no fracture, a further examination of the thumb now revealed a full range of movement and previously marked weakness on certain movements was now equal to the unaffected thumb. Even more interesting was that I could now palpate (feel) the tendon where previously I was convinced I could not!!

This was good news for the person, they no longer faced the prospect of a long journey to another hospital, the potential for surgical repair, loss of earnings and the other inconvenience that this could cause and were happy to return for a review in a couple of days to reassess the thumb.

After the person left I spoke with a colleague as I had a couple of ideas as to what may have happened, for example maybe I didn’t examine the thumb/wrist area correctly etc.

After listening to my ideas of what may have happened my colleagues immediate response was ….. ‘maybe He (God) has done His healing thing through you again’. Walking back to the cubicle I looked back at her and said ‘I guess you could be right’.

I love how the response of someone who has no particular faith is one of expectation that the love and power of God has ‘done it again’ because they have seen it and personally experienced it for themselves in the work place and as a result encourages and reminds me of what is possible.