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‘I Couldn’t do that before’…

Published on 26 February, 2020

After reviewing an X-ray the person was very relieved to know that there was no fracture and therefore could expect the soft tissue damage and pain to resolve over the next few of weeks …. but God!!

As part of general conversation I felt Holy Spirit prompting me that they needed encouragement in an area of their life. A word of knowledge casually dropped into the conversation involving a very specific phrase and said in a particular way brought great comfort and validation to the person with regards to how they had been dealing with an ongoing family situation.

The person said ‘I was obviously meant to be here to hear that today’ and then talked about an aspect of spirituality in their life, as a result I asked if I could share about my own spiritual life to which they said yes. After a while the person apologised for ‘taking up so much of my time’ as they were enjoying listening to the good news of the Kingdom, stories of healing, miracles and the reality of the love and power of God in everyday life.

Before they left, making sure that the person had all the necessary information about how to manage the injury, I asked if they would like me to pray for it to get better.

They said yes and after a very quick prayer the person started moving the elbow. With a rather quizzical look on their face they kept asking me to watch as they repeatedly moved the now pain free elbow saying ‘you saw I couldn’t do that before, you saw it didn’t you’! Indeed I had seen that they couldn’t ‘do that before’ as it was one of the reasons that I had sent them for an X-ray!

The person insisted on hugging me before they left pain free, full of peace and joy and aware that there is a God who is intimately acquainted with their life, that they are loved, important and worthy of His attention.