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I Believe In Miracles Too

Published on 26 February, 2020

The receptionist, who had watched a person limping up to the desk to book in, was now stood at the entrance to the cubicle where I was working with a smile and at the same time quizzical look on her face asking “did you do that” having seen the same person, now not limping but striding and almost skipping out of the department announcing to her as they went “It’s all better now, I’m healed”!

The person had come to the hospital concerned that they may have a ‘broken foot’ and on examination I felt that this was very likely and sent them for an X-ray. I was pleased to be able to tell them that there was no obvious fracture and gave the person the necessary advice to manage the injury and a general idea of how long they could expect for it to take to fully resolve.

I always add … ‘but I also believe in miracles’ when discussing how long someone could expect to take to recover. For me it is counter intuitive to tell someone that their injury may take 4-6 weeks to resolve when everything inside of you knows that nothing is impossible and that we have seen over and over again the love and power of God doing in moments what would conventionally be expected to take months.

This person then laid their cards on the table identifying themselves as a Christian and that they too believed in miracles, we talked a little about this and they were happy to be prayed for there and then. When the person got up to leave they realised that the foot was pain free and decided to stamp it on the ground, a little too hard for my comfort!

The person thanked me and then made their way out of the department as previously described, full of joy and very grateful for everything that we had done for them.

There are numerous opportunities to share stories of healing and miracles with my colleagues. They will often ask what I have been up to, many of them have asked for prayer and have experienced the love and power of God for themselves through healing and encouraging words. In this case the receptionist was chuckling away to herself saying “it’s amazing isn’t it”. Yes it is, and it’s Jesus.

We have the privilege of sharing our faith through bringing the reality of the Kingdom of Heaven into the work place. It’s not something that you have to make happen, it happens naturally because of who we are and whose we are, it’s the flow of Heaven in us and through us.

I was not expecting this person to loudly announce in the way that they did that they had been healed. There is no hiding, when Jesus shows up, bodies are healed, people get happy and that includes loud and happy in the middle of a busy hospital department.

This person has subsequently been in contact, all is well with the foot.