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Heaven + healthcare make a miracle together!

Published on 26 February, 2020

One evening, one of our team was in the hospital and heard about a teenager who had taken a very large overdose of paracetamol. The staff were incredibly worried about him as he’d taken three times the threshold for treatment and was outside of the window for treatment, meaning that while they would administer the antidote, it was very likely that his liver would be damaged because of the amount of time that had elapsed and the amount he had taken.

Our team member put a message out to the team to pray and was allowed to see the young person for 10 minutes.

As we were in the hospital over that week we heard that the young person was making an unexpectedly good recovery, then we got this message from a Christian doctor who had also been praying:

‘He has made a miraculous recovery – no liver damage at all. It was the worst OD we had seen, his drug level was off the chart and the antidote only had an 8 hour window to act. It wasn’t started until 9 hours after, so a fantastic answer to prayer!!’