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Bizarre thought turns out to be a creative miracle!

Published on 26 February, 2020

On one of my night shifts I was caring for a patient with terminal bowel cancer. As a result she had constant faecal leakage resulting in a very sore sacral area… just like a very bad nappy rash. As I was cleaning her up I was praying for her in my head. I then felt Holy Spirit say ‘you are using the wrong cream’. So I decided to go and get another sort of cream and as I was putting this new cream on to the sore area the rash began to disappear, it did not go all together but significantly reduced. I noticed it!! The diarrhoea stopped and she did not call the rest of the night. From that moment on she went from being terminal to living and in that time gave her life to Jesus.

This was a clear demonstration of seeing the medical and healing world coming together and in that moment the miracle happened. I learnt to listen to the wisdom of Holy Spirit. And what seemed a rather bizarre thought turned out to be the beginning of her creative miracle.