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The Heaven In Healthcare Story

Heaven in Healthcare started as a dream when Dr Pete Carter began his medical training 40 years ago. At the time, Pete was struck by how many Christians went into medicine with the same God-given desire as those in healing ministry – to see people made well and living healthy lives – and yet to many, medicine and Christian healing seemed totally incompatible.

As both a doctor and church leader, Pete couldn’t understand why the same God who calls some to become medics and others to minister healing through the Holy Spirit wouldn’t want the two things to work together. “Heaven in healthcare” describes Pete’s own journey of learning to partner with God’s Presence as he sought to provide the best medical care possible, whilst simultaneously introducing the limitless resources of heaven into that environment.

Today it describes our heart for Christians in healthcare all over the world. We believe that, not only is the Christian faith compatible with medicine, but it is actually God’s plan for heaven to invade that world and enhance it with His love, power, creativity and wisdom.

Our dream is that you would be inspired to have hope, courage and confidence to enjoy the fullness of God in your workplace – and that by doing so, you too would see heaven in healthcare.