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Keeping our Love on

Posted Wednesday 3 June 2020

We love hearing testimonies of how people in the healthcare community are bringing heaven into their environments through their interactions with others.

Often, this is no easy task and requires that we keep our eyes fixed on Him, the author and perfector of our faith, as we walk out tough moments and tricky conversations with grace and perseverance. A hard or seemingly hopeless situation can be transformed in an instant when we allow ourselves to be nudged by the Holy Spirit into the right posture or into the right way of thinking about a person or a circumstance.

Here’s a lovely testimony of this played out in real life from one of the clinicians on our Heaven in Healthcare team.

“During a particularly busy run at work, I realised there had been a glitch in the interface between me, as clinician, and management – a glitch that had taken me the best part of a precious day of clinical time to unpick.

So, I met with the person concerned about this; and started with some brave communication – as Danny Silk would call it – about my perception of the difficulties. We seemed to be blocked in our communication and struggling to connect no matter what I (of course really ‘we’) tried. Nearly two hours into our meeting, I came to the point where I was seriously considering just turning my love off for 5 minutes, thinking this would be the only way I could reach a productive conclusion.

However, just as I was considering the options available to me, I noticed that some gold glitter had appeared on my colleague’s cheek. This is usually God’s sign to me that He is moving in a situation, and I took it as an invitation to press in. His glory is always worth pursuing.

I was grateful for a timely reminder that there was gold to be found within this colleague; I continued our conversation with my love firmly switched ‘on’ for the rest of the meeting. Thankfully, we eventually managed to connect and agreed on some helpful outcomes. I really felt like I had been through a spiritual workout, pushing in for that connection!

In the same vein, I found myself the very next day seeing a ‘problem’ patient that colleagues had warned me I wouldn’t be able to reach a connection with, and as a result would probably not be able to treat. But of course, God had gone before me: during the session, the patient’s face gradually became golden as more and more glitter appeared. The rapport in the room was genuine – with laughter, tears, and healing. It was beautiful. My spiritual muscles had been trained the day before, and could now bend a bow of bronze.”

Let’s all be encouraged to look out for those moments where – even in difficult interactions – God is ready to show us the gold in others so that we might seek out how to respond in love.

Heaven in Healthcare Team