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Challenging times…

Posted Sunday 13 March 2022

We are living in challenging times across the nations: firstly Covid 19 cast its shadow across the whole world, and then just as this shadow seems to be lightening, another dark cloud has come into view with the spectre of war, death and destruction. Both these things stem from the kingdom of darkness, and both have a dramatic impact upon healthcare workers.

The reality of the malevolent spiritual forces at work in our world are spoken about in Ephesians chapter 6, where we are urged to put on our spiritual armour and stand against evil. We are not powerless in this spiritual battle and we have weapons that can demolish the strongholds of darkness.

In September 2016 on the morning of the first day of the academic year for the Eastgate School of Spiritual Life (ESSL) something very interesting happened: a lorry came and parked alongside our building. At that time Eastgate was at the end of the road and there was nowhere else to go beyond it. The lorry was looking to deliver its goods, and there on the side of the lorry was the name of the company – ‘HELL’ (a drinks company). It had obviously come to the wrong place, and we certainly weren’t interested in receiving any deliveries from that particular source! Then, as the students worshipped in the auditorium the lorry began to reverse back down the road until it was out of sight – before presumably turning round. Hell literally retreated as we worshipped – a very powerful spiritual image!

Last Friday as ESSL gathered once again to worship and do spiritual warfare in the pursuit of freedom for the nations, another lorry parked opposite us; this one had the word ‘BRAKES‘ on the side. We believe God told us that we have spiritual authority to put the brakes on the kingdom of darkness in all its endeavours. We are now using that authority with greater confidence in our Almighty God, remembering that we carry this authority in us wherever we go so that the Kingdom of Heaven can be expressed on earth.

We join together as Christians across the world in our stand against evil, refusing Hell’s deliveries of fear, hatred, aggression, lies and violence intimidation, and we will put the brakes on the kingdom of darkness using our spiritual weapons of love, kindness, peace, joy, miracles, hope and healing for the nations.

I pray for peace to reign in you personally and also through you into the world around you. As Christians together we can confidently express heaven on earth.

We pray blessings over the nations, especially Ukraine and Russia at this time.

Pete Carter
Heaven in Healthcare