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Harness The Power of The Testimony In Your Life!

Published on 22 February, 2020

At one of our recent locality group meetings, we were amazed as we heard story after story of God breaking through into the healthcare world in miraculous ways… from volunteer chaplains seeing legs instantly healed in emergency rooms, to support workers releasing such tangible levels of peace that the atmosphere completely changes each time they go to work.

We’re seeing a momentum building for Christians in healthcare. It’s a momentum of hope and faith. An expectation that God is going to do the miraculous. That Christians really can bring heaven to healthcare..

A testimony is a profoundly powerful thing. It’s not just encouraging news. A testimony actually has the power to release grace into someone’s life.

The Hebrew word eduth means “testimony, precept or warning.” It comes from a word that means “witness”. And that word comes from a primitive root (Ayin-Vav-Daleth) that means “to return, to repeat, to do again.”

In its simplest form, the Hebrew word for “testimony” defines it as evidence of what God is going to do again. We see this paralleled in the New Testament, when the angel tells John that “the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Revelation 19:10). It’s not backward-looking; it’s future-forming.

The upshot of this is as follows: when God causes one of His testimonies to be shared, He isn’t just declaring what He has done. He is actually prophesying what He’s going to do now in the lives of those listening.

We’re seeing God do incredible things simply through sharing testimonies of what Jesus has done. People are being healed just through hearing testimonies. Others are finding themselves walking in a level of power and prophetic gifting that was previously not normal for them.

Just the other day, I recounted some of the many testimonies of God’s power that I’ve seen on the streets and in other public places to my builder, who was experiencing intense pain down his neck and shoulder. As I shared these stories, he began to feel overwhelmed by God’s power surging through him in the form of intense heat. I didn’t really do much more than that. The testimony itself was enough for God’s power to be released.

Stories of God’s goodness have a tremendous power to create tidal waves of breakthrough from one single event, as the faith that they release enables people to receive from God in a new way.

Wherever you’re at in life right now, I’d encourage you to fill your life with every piece of good news you can get your hands on. Feast on it. Devour it. Because as you do so, you’re going to experience a new level of grace and breakthrough in your life.

2019 is a year of momentum for Christians working in healthcare. We’re at a tipping point. And one of the best ways we can steward what God is doing and ride that wave of momentum is by feeding on – and sharing – every testimony we can. When we do this, it creates a multiplier effect throughout the Body of Christ.

Be blessed as you read the testimonies on this website and beyond – and make sure you keep sharing your good news with us here at Heaven in Healthcare to empower others around the world!