About Heaven in Healthcare

A place for Christians working in the health sector to connect, learn, and be inspired to release heaven wherever they go.

The Power of a Common Dream

At the age of 15 I decided that I wanted to become a doctor and give my life to enabling others to live as healthily and productively as possible. At the age of 16 I became a Christian and the idea of excellent medical practice being supplemented by the resources of heaven at work through Christians excited me beyond measure.

When I started medical school this excitement had grown into a life passion and dream so I started to explore the ways in which it could be expressed. As I progressed through my medical career I saw God work through me in the workplace; miracles of healings; creating atmospheres of peace, hope and joy amongst some of the most challenging circumstances. Creative wisdom, encouragement and discernment all flowing through the activity of the Holy Spirit has always been the normal potential of Christianity – God at work in and through us to bless the world.

Imagine if that was the dream and experience of every Christian working in the arena of Healthcare, what a difference we could make in the world. This is the heart of Heaven in Healthcare, the power of a common dream, and we are starting to see this reality unfold as we equip and train Christians to realise their full potential.

It is a very exciting journey to be part of and we believe that Health Provision in many nations will be enhanced as we move forward together to release Heaven in Healthcare.

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To find out more about Heaven in Healthcare, please download our Case for Support Document. Or if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!


Meet the Team

Pete Carter


Pete is the founder of Heaven in Healthcare and heads up the leadership team. He inspires both the team and our wider network of members with his passion for putting heaven into healthcare. As a Doctor, his vision has always been to see God-given medicine working alongside miracles of healing, which can clearly be seen in his teaching, his equipping and his leading.

Pete is married to Kim and has two grown up children and two grandchildren. He loves sport, looking after his garden, and chocolate. Fun fact: Pete’s first sporting triumph was the High Jump.

Helen Davies

Administrator & Editor

Helen works alongside Pete and coordinates projects across all the Heaven in Healthcare work streams. Helen studied English Literature, and has a background in project management and administration. She particularly loves writing and expressing the mission of Heaven in Healthcare through editorial content – engaging members, and promoting the ways in which we can support them.

Helen is married with two school-aged children. She loves being creative, walking, baking and keeps a keen eye on Netflix. Fun fact: Helen has played the violin since she was four years old.

Sasha Caridia

Emergency Care Practitioner

Sasha looks after the supporting of our members, and loves to imagine up ways in which we can engage healthcare workers in dreaming big, discovering God in their workplace and seeing miracles happen in everyday places. As a full time Emergency Care Practitioner she is well-placed to know how bringing heaven into healthcare works in practice.

Sasha loves sport with a particular passion for Liverpool FC, having fun, egg custard tarts and developing her allotment garden. Fun fact: Sasha was a South East of England power lifting dead lift champion!

Patrick & Felicity Mayfield


Felicity and Patrick are networkers and nurturers. With a heart for encouragement, they have often been described as a spiritual mother and father. They love to work with individuals, equipping and mentoring, as well as networking across larger events. They seek to develop relationships and connect people with each other and the wider community of faith.

Patrick is a writer and coach. Felicity loves the outdoors and walking the nearby hills. Together they delight in their wonderful family of six children, six grandchildren and one great-grandchild. In lockdown, they both recently discovered the exhilaration of running – something they had assumed was impossible at their time of life! Fun facts: Patrick was at Wembley to see England win the World Cup Final. Felicity once had dinner with President Jimmy Carter.

Dr Mike Von Fraunhofer

GP Partner

Dr Mike (as he’s known to his patients) has a portfolio career. He is a GP Partner in a practice near Dartford, he is also the Deputy Governing Body Member of Kent and Medway CCG and a Senior Appraiser for NHS England. He is passionate about equipping healthcare workers to encounter the presence of God for themselves and their patients. He loves to provide practical advice on how to bring God into the working day.
Mike is married to Sarah and they have two adult children. Fun fact: He is a dab-hand at driving a fork-lift truck after spending a year working in a wholefood warehouse.

Stuart King


Stuart is an advisor to Heaven in Healthcare. He believes Heaven in Healthcare can play a key role in supporting and enabling Christians working in healthcare in what are likely to remain very challenging times. Stuart is currently a non-executive Director in a large insurance company. He is a consultant working with commercial and third sector organisations. Stuart is a trustee at Emerge Advocacy. In the past he has been a regulator and executive in public sector and financial services roles. He brings a wealth of experience to the organisation of Heaven in Healthcare’s work.

Stuart is married to Donna, has three grown up sons and one, very new, grandson. He loves rugby and baking sough dough and seeing new indie bands live. Fun fact: Stuart is currently busy building a tree house.

James Read

Trustee & Advisor

James is an advisor to and Trustee of Heaven in Healthcare. This follows a lifetime Sales and Marketing career with Ford Motor Company, which took him to North America, Europe, Asia and Australasia before taking early retirement at the end of 2017. Having worked in an international business environment, James now advises the team on how best to support essential healthcare workers, a role made even more poignant by the fact that both his sisters have spent a lifetime working for the NHS.

James lives in Maidstone in a in a 17th century working water mill. When not working on the mill or in the surrounding gardens, he likes to spend his time restoring and renovating classic motorbikes. He is married to Liz and they have a daughter Louise. A passionate sportsman who particularly enjoys football, supporting Chelsea, golf, motorsport and fishing. Given the opportunity he would love to explore more of the world. Fun Fact: James has faced a few culinary challenges during his travels, from having to swallow a large spoonful of soft pork fat in Denmark – thinking it was a desert – to eating a sea cucumber in Shanghai, not wishing to cause any offence by refusing it. With a little concentration, both of which he claims he can still taste even today!

Anne Townend

Healing Centre

Anne heads up the Healing Centre team, which is based at Eastgate, and has been successfully operating via Zoom since the Covid crisis. As a former nurse, Anne has a wide experience of both acute and community settings, and therefore has an in depth understanding of the perspective of health professionals. Her passion is for enabling people to walk in health connected with, and knowing, a loving God.

Anne’s interests include her allotment, walking, exploring, and making her own organic cosmetics. Fun Fact: Anne once held a tarantula in her hand, briefly!

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Healing Centre

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